Dr. Alec Brown is a contemporary cellist from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who now lives in Limerick, Ireland.  Having completed a practice-based Ph.D. at the University of Limerick in 2019, specialising in incorporating the cello into Irish traditional music, Alec continues to push the boundaries of what the cello is capable of within the idiom of traditional music.  Aside from Irish traditional music, he is also deeply rooted in many other genres including; classical, folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and others.  After studying with cellists such as Dr. Stephen Feldman, Natalie Haas, Rushad Eggleston, Neil Martin and more, Alec has developed a unique contemporary style that spans multiple genres of music.  Along with releasing his acclaimed solo album, The Stepping Stone in 2017, he has performed extensively throughout Ireland, England, Europe, Japan and has recently performed on Broadway in the cast of the critically-acclaimed Irish dance show “Velocity" at the New Victory Theatre in 2018.  Alec is also a full-time member of award-winning singer-songwriter Emma Langford's band, with whom he has toured throughout Germany in 2019 and Ireland since 2012.

"A fresh take on Irish music which incorporates the cello in a beautifully subtle yet driving way…great tune choices, well-crafted arrangements, and a killer groove.   Alec Brown has it all…pure joy to listen to!" - Natalie Haas


"Alec Brown has approached Celtic rhythmic playing on the cello in a new and dynamic way - incorporating an uplifting and unique style to his music. While surrounded by a group of highly talented musicians, Alec brings his Irish cello stylings to the forefront of the performance, proving yet again, that you can never have enough cello…" - Eric Wright, The Fretless

Latest News


13-8-2018: So I've been crazy busy gigging away with loads of fantastic people.  I spent the month of June gigging throughout Japan with Mareka Naito and Junji Shirota and that was an absolutely unreal experience.  Japan is such a beautiful country and the people are just so amazing.  It was difficult to leave!  I'll have videos of some of our music up soon!

Afterward I got to play a few gigs with my favourite of all of the Emmas in the world...Emma Langford!  It's always a good time getting together with her and the band and playing sensational music.

This last week, I just got back from France where I was gigging with my funky modern string band Pine Marten at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival and Comboros Festival.  Let me tell you...these were pretty amazing festivals and the French people are just so appreciative of the music and were energetic during our sets.  We could not have asked for better crowds.  There are some photos taken at La Roche Bluegrass Festival by Emmanuel Marin on his website which you can find here.

Now, for the biggest news of them ALL!  I'm going to be on Broadway this November with Velocity The Show!  There is an all-star cast of musicians and dancers including the incredible David Geaney and James Devine.  Find out all the info here!

More good news is that I have a few other projects in the works at the moment INCLUDING brand new solo material from yours truly.  So stay tuned for more of that coming in the next few months!

And as always, you can follow my antics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see where I am in the world next!